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Thinking of selling but the coronavirus has stymied your plans? Think again. Houses are being listed during the "stay at home" orders and are getting many inquiries. I'm aware of several homes that were listed and went under contract during the stay at home rules. During this time, Realtors are not allowed to show houses to buyers. But with good pictures and a virtual tour, many eager buyers can learn quite a bit about your home. Many buyers had been in the market previously and have a very good idea of what they are looking for. Thus, they will jump on making an offer when they see what they want. BUT, it has to be marketed and presented in a way that makes them "feel" your house as well as "see" your house. 

We have several good tools for doing this! Contact me to discuss what options you have for selling during this time! Besides making face masks and keeping up with past and current clients, I'm never too busy to plan for your upcoming listing or for your referrals!

Be safe, stay safe, stay home and call me! 610-564-8216


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